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#1 Amazon Bestseller 

Your Heavenly Father, God, is constantly at your side, so you do not have to navigate life alone. He wants to get to know you better. He not only wants a connection with you, but He also wants to discuss every aspect of your life with you. Although prayer has been made to seem quite difficult for a very long time, it is actually very easy and effective. The act of praying is only talking to God a brief exchange of ideas. After speaking, listening follows. 

Begin to experience wonder and intimacy with God as these pastors share when they personally experienced prayer's transformative effect.


#1 Amazon International Bestseller 

  • Do you desire to take center stage in your life to share your story and voice?

  • Are you ready to silence the voices in your head telling you what you have to say is not important and no one wants to hear it?

As you open the pages of I AM WOMAN, you will be Restored and Inspired by personal stories shared by 17 amazing women. As you read their stories and follow their journey of recovery and victory, you will find yourself gaining a sister that will Stand With and Empower you to shatter glass ceilings holding you captive and begin taking necessary steps in becoming the greatest first version of yourself. 

Dear Daughter:  The World Awaits Your Awakening

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Teen & Young Adult Girls & Women's Issues

Dear Daughter: The World Awaits Your Arrival  will inspire females of all ages to RISE out of hurt and pain placed upon them. 

What if the very thing needed to turn your story was already there waiting? YOU are the secret not only to your story but, the story of many.

Are you ready to grow beyond the pain and, forgive those who hurt you and become the young lady, the woman that God has created you to be?

The authors of Dear Daughter sound the alarm to remind and tell females that you are amazing and within your pain is purpose. God has a plan for your life. Shatter the glass ceilings that enclose your pain and allow your voice to be heard. It's time for healing.


 A collection of stories written by powerful women to bring encouragement, inspiration, motivation and hope to all that read.

Whoosah, It's Okay! is a call of victory to remind all: no matter what you've been through, despite what you've done your future is brighter than your past. Those battle scars are no longer to cause you to drown in shame and defeat but are simply the jewels in the crown that is positioned on your head.

Hold your head up queen, embrace that battle, you didn't go through the fire for your light to be dimmed...I see you, let your light shine!

 Have you ever found it hard to find joy amid life’s trials and adversities? Well, you are not alone! Ninety phenomenal coauthors share real talk about love and healing and Finding Joy in the Journey VOL. 2 Healthy Ways to Find Joy During Difficult Times.

 Every journey is unique- no two people’s journeys will be exactly alike, but we can learn from each other. Get ready to laugh and cry, sometimes, all on the same page!

After reading this book, you will walk away feeling inspired to find joy in your journey and power through any obstacles you may encounter along the way.

Do you have a business you want to grow?

Do you want to launch a business?

Are you in a career that you want to grow in?Are you looking for ways to being balance to your business career and life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

"Without hustle, talent and skill will only carry you so far to living a full life."

This is a collaboration of incredible women who are sharing with you their journey to being The Ultimate Hustler and how everyone has what it takes to have the right hustle in them while also having the life they deserve.

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