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Let's Put It In Perspective

Make One New  Choice

January 29, 2022

Today, I sit here pondering over what I am no longer apart of like a job, relationship, friendship, possibilities and even opportunities.  And, suddenly my mind snaps out of what I am missing and the thought of what's next comes.  What is next for me, I begin to ponder and I thought about you-what is your next?

I invite to you sis not to linger in the old yet, rise up and move toward the new.  I need you to intentionally, Make One New Choice!

When entering in the newness of something one must be willing to go in whole-heartedly with an open mind.  So, today I challenge you to willingly take one step forward, with fear or without, with confidence or not, just be willing and take that step.  Once taking that first step you will be eager and even more willing to take the next step and the next ultimately designing a life that you desire to live and become that brave woman that you were born to be.

Come on, I'm here cheering you on take the step...there's somebody waiting for you to take that step so they may follow.

Become the Authority

January 30, 2022

One of the reasons to produce and share content that you've created is to become an authority in your niche. As an expert in your niche you will get a certain amount of respect, which leads to more traffic due to your perceived expertise. But, in order to become an expert you must start at the beginning.

Blog Often

Shoot for blogging on your own website at least twenty times per month. Blog about much focused topics, starting from a beginner's perspective and working your way up over the next year to a more advanced perspective. Also, guest blog strategically on websites that market to your audience. Blogging often is the best way to get traffic to your website.

Write Articles

Write and distribute articles about your niche on topics your audience would be interested in. Find online and offline magazines in which to contribute as an expert in your niche. If you submit a compelling article, it's likely your submissions will be used. Whether online or offline, this type of content helps establish you as an expert to the public.

Become a Resource

Let the local and national press know that you're a resource they can call on when they need a quote about your niche. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as sending email to reporters when they write about your niche, making blog comments, and using a service like HARO (Help a Reporter Out). HARO is a way that you can sign up to be a source to qualified reporters on any topic you choose. There are free and paid opportunities.

Set up Consistent Profiles

No matter whether it's Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog, your profiles should be very consistent. You want to be very careful about contradicting who you are across accounts. Ensure that you essentially say the same thing on each social media account but in different ways based on the type of social media account. For instance, LinkedIn is more business and buttoned up, while Facebook is more social - more like an after-hours business event. Of course, be businesslike and professional on all accounts.

Send Out Press Releases

When you do something exciting in your business, whether it's publishing a book, having a webinar, or conducting an interview for a radio show or podcast, send out a press release. Press releases are a good way to get online back links to your website but they're also a good way to get in print.

Form Partnerships with Other Experts

A really good way to get your name out there is to form a joint venture with another expert. Perhaps you know an expert who markets to your audience but performs or creates a complementary service or product. Seek to do something with that person such as a webinar, podcast show, or jointly write an informative eBook.

Finally, it's important to work on yourself and your knowledge of the area you want to become an expert in. Malcolm Gladwell, in his bestselling book, Outliers: The Story of Success, surmised that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert on any topic. Seek to keep learning as you become a true expert. You don't have to wait until you've spent 10,000 hours to start presenting yourself as an expert. If you start now, by the time you are truly recognized as an expert you'll be close.

You've Started A Business:  First Steps To Take

February 1, 2022

You're started a business:  the first steps that you need to take.

When I decided that I was going to be an entrepreneur, I was all over the place, full of ideas and had no clue to the journey I was about to embark on. I quickly had to pull my head out of the clouds of thinking how the website would look, what my brand colors would and sit down and put first things first.  And, oh my so much to learn and digest.

Today there’s so much more in place to assist you in living your purpose, accomplishing your dreams and building your empire. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, authorpreneur or content creator, the internet is your best friend when it comes to setting up your business. Here are 5 things every entrepreneur should know when starting their journey.

1. At this point you’ve decided to take the big step. One of the first decisions you need make is the name of your business. You’ll want to set up your business as a sole proprietor, Limited Liability Corporation or it can be Incorporated. Research the difference and which is best for you. Do an online search for the Secretary of State’s website for the State you live in and start the process and pay the state registration fee. This will take less than 30 minutes.

2. Now you need a Federal Tax ID number for your business. Go to This is like your business’ social security number. You’ll need it for transactions like opening your business checking account amongst other things. (Note:  Do not pay an online company or any company for that matter to apply for your EIN, it is free)!

3. Now that you have a business name you need to buy a domain. There are several companies like Go Daddy and Host Gator that allow you to buy your domain for less than $15. Now you have which means you one step closer to opening your business to the world. These services also offer website templates or you can hire a website developer through services like to set up your website or if you are more a hands-on you utilize website hosting and designs such as ;  which are cost-efficient and easy to maneuver.

4. Setup a business email address with your new domain. You DO NOT want to have a gmail, yahoo, aol, Hotmail or any free email for your main email address. These are great for personal email and junkmail, but not for your business. You want people to know you’re serious. You want everything to be uniform when presenting your business to others.

5. Let’s not forget to establish your brand identity. Hire a good Branding Coach! If you’re more of a DIY person on a budget, there’s a fantastic service call Fiverr ( that is available for graphics and many other things. All services start at $5. 

Following these simple steps will have you feeling more confident about your business. The great thing is that all of this can be done on a simple budget. Being a solopreneur can sometimes have you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about the next steps to take for your business, but not to worry there are tons of resources that help to guide you along the way. Just remember it’s ok to make mistakes just chalk it up to experience and start over again. Sometimes the life of a entrepreneur means a lot of work that bring great rewards. You’ve got this!  

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